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A static page host where I can use jekyll?
I used github pages to host a static just-the-docs page. But now I'm using codeberg and I'm looking for an alternative.

I'm looking for an office suite for my phone
I would prefer it to be open source, but at this point that's not a necessity. I need an app that can open word documents, powerpoint presentations and excel spreadsheets (maybe PDFs as well but I could always get a separate app). So far I've tried Openoffice & Libreoffice Document reader from F-droid which worked fine for documents but simply would not load pptx or xlsx files. I've now installed WPS Office from the Play Store but all the conversion options are clogging up the share with.. options every time I want to send a picture. I would appreciate any recommendations at this point.

Looking for ideas for a tag based file manager I want to make.
I'm looking for ideas and similar projects. Which language, framework, database, etc. would you use? `` # Jedi Archives Curate and review all kinds of files. - File manager with tags instead of hierarchical structure. - Not web based. It would be more difficult to use default applications to run files. - Have other fields besides tags, like dates, etc. - Be able to filter with an advanced search. Using multiple fields and logical operators. - All files are scanned and tagged with a shared metadata database. - By default the metadata for every tagged file is automatically uploaded to a shared database. - There is an edit history to recover the correct tags, in case a user messes the database. - Duplicate finder. - Group users with similar interests and provide content suggestion. - Use torrent under tor like tribler (?). - Autoseed files with the least health by torrent. If each tracked file was seeded it would probably crash (?) - Every user is a mod. There is a score based piramid-like structure so that all database changes need to be approved by a user with higher score. Similar projects: - [etiquette](, tag-based file organizer & search. Web, Flask and SQLite3. - [tocc](, a Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classifiers. C++. - [beets](, the media library management system for obsessive music geeks. Python. - [calibre](, ebook manager. - [](, a free/libre code and information platform for reviews of anything. Web, JavaScript, Handlebars. - [TMSU]( lets you tags your files and then access them through a nifty virtual filesystem from any other application. - [czkawka](, multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images, etc. Rust.

Looking for software where every user is a mod, for inspiration.
I would like to take a look at this to get some ideas for a project I'm working on. Something like StackOverflow where there is a score and privileges based on it. What I want to do requires that every change in a database is revised and I was thinking of making a pyramid-like structure where each user is the mod of only a few other users. That way a higher user can only penalize or ban users under him. I need to investigate this better, the echo chambers and web of trust went over my head.

Thoughts on repositories such as this?
The repository in question: All it has is a file and they want 8€ for anyone to use this app. I mean, sure, but why host something like this on github? Or am I missing something?

We need an open source radar detector contribution app
An open source radar detector app similar to iradar or escort Some features the app could have is being able to connect to bluetooth radar detectors and contribute their pings from radar hits to a community map such as iradar and escort but it should run without google play services. As roms that don't use play services don't work. The contribution should be optional to.

There are a handful of cloud services available for Linux users that provide native applications. Dropbox is one of the oldest and most popular. Then there is Mega and pCloud. Google has shamelessly decided to not create a Google Drive client for Linux. You may also self-host Nextcloud or Seafile, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Internxt is based out of Spain. Like several other EU-based companies, encryption and privacy are at its core. With Internxt Drive, they focus on user-friendly encrypted storage with military-grade encryption and file sharding, so only you have control over your files and data. Internxt uses your password to encrypt and decrypt your files. That means they do not know your password, and if you forget it, your files will be gone (the way security should be). There are desktop clients for all three major OSes, as well as a web based client, and a client for iOS. I don't see an Android client. Each user gets a free 10GB forever, and 20GB is €10.68 annually, or 200GB for €41.88 annually. They also have monthly plans, and very interestingly, also lifetime plans. I'm currently using SpiderOak, which has a Linux client too, and it is costs US$14 pm for 2TB (Internxt €9.99 or $11.34 monthly). One downside many will notice though, is the desktop client appears to be Electron based, which is never ideal from a resource perspective. See #technology #backup #cloudstorage #opensource #internxt

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