Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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I don’t know why, there are several apps out there which make very good work with several formats, every one with independient settings.

For example ShareX, one of the best capture and casting app out there, which can make screenshots, screencast in gif and mp4, have a OCR in several languages, edit tools and the captures can be uploaded to the corresponding hosts for store and sharing. The only lack is that ShareX is only for Windows. Another good app, also FOSS is Nomacs, a multiplatform image viewer and tool, which can handle nearly every image format, similar with it’s features to the known IrfanView (freeware proprietary soft for Windows).

I do not deny that a dedicated app can be indicated for certain formats, but in general it would be absurd to have a specific app for each format, the interpretation of each format depends solely on the quality of the application, it’s possibility of dedicated settings and the corresponding drivers it carries, no of another thing. A mediocre app only shows mediocre results, no matter how dedicated it is.

I use the window of my salon with a weather station. I don’t like weather apps, because they need your location to work properly, which can be a privacy hole. A cheap electronic weather station has the same or even more accuracy. When you need the weather, because of an trip, you can consult the global weather map for you country or for the destination.

VLC was and is one of the must have apps or me

In this questions I normally look here to find the app which suits my needs.

OpenSource alternative to Netflix (Win, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android)